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Things that Make a Business More Sellable

Commercial business sales Laguna Woods are considered by entrepreneurs for all manner of reasons. Some built their business with the intention of selling one day while others built a lifestyle business and are now ready to move on. There are also business owners who are forced to sell mostly because of legal issues. Whatever the reason for selling is, So-Cal Business Brokers can help you find the right buyer, sell fast and get maximum profit.

One thing we have come to learn over the years is that some businesses sell faster than others. If you want to sell yours much faster, there are a couple of things we recommend you do. Here are the things that immediately make a business more sellable in commercial business sales Laguna Woods.

Financial performance

The majority of businesses are valuable based on how much profit they make. What this means is that the more profitable your business is the easier it will be to sell it. Our job once you hire us will be identifying your threats and opportunities. We can also help you diversify so that you increase your profits.

Growth potential

Buyers don’t want to invest in a dying business. They want a business that will thrive under their management. Your business’ rate of growth will significantly impact its value. Investors want something that can be scaled. Our in-house financial advisors will give you creative ways to grow and expand your business before selling.


Having huge clients is a great thing but if the giant clients make up 15% of your business, buyers will spot a red flag. This is because if any of the giant clients leave the business will take a hit. Our team can help get more customers for your business.

Still on overdependence, when it comes to commercial business sales Laguna Woods, investors don’t want to invest in a business that is over dependent on the owner. We will help hire or train a management team and get you out of the daily operations of the business.

Recurring revenue

Having a seasonal business will make it harder for you to sell it. Buyers are interested in businesses that have customers who stick around longer. The products and services you offer must not be seasonal.  A business that has recurring revenue and low attrition offers bankable models that attract buyers.

Other important things you need to do to make your business more sellable are offering a unique value proposition, ensuring there is complete customer satisfaction and strengthen your management team.

So-Cal Business Brokers is here to help through the sales. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced business brokers in Orange County.

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