manufacturing business sales

Looking to sell your manufacturing business?  Whether you are in textiles, petroleum, electronics, food production, or some other industry, selling your business requires a specialist.

So-Cal Business Brokers specializes in selling manufacturing businesses.  We have:

  • Manufacturing Business Sales Experience
  • 90%+ Success Rate
  • Impressive Track Record (Over 400 Transactions Closed)
  • No Obligation/No Fee Business Valuation

… and We Don’t Charge You a Dime Unless Your Business is Sold!

That’s how confident we are in our ability to sell your manufacturing business.


Hit the ground running. Our experience with over 400 successful transactions gives you a leg up on getting your business sold.   A manufacturing business broker should have experience selling manufacturing firms and we do.  At So-Cal Business Brokers we have a proven track record when it comes to the sale of manufacturing businesses.

Connections to Buyers

We work with many other firms to bring buyers to the table.  That means you’re not out incessantly searching for someone to purchase your company. Our job is to bring offers to the table. That’s what we do.  We find buyers for you.

Size matters

The size of a business brokerage firm matters. If your business is a multimillion dollar one, you need a bigger brokerage firm that has handled such big deals. Our team is large enough to sell large businesses. We have a team of business brokers, and other advisors to help with the sale. Our expert team is able to manage the sale process in a way that leads to amazing results.

Don’t Pay Up Front

We don’t charge you anything for a business valuation.  Many brokers will charge you a large up front fee.  There is no reason to pay an upfront fee for a valuation. Your business should receive a valuation as a show of commitment to the sale. We are ready to commit to the sale of your business and it shows.

At So-Cal Business Brokers we give you the freedom you need and provide comprehensive services to help you sell your manufacturing business fast and for the best price. Make use of our free, no-obligation consultation with our experienced business brokers today. Let us discuss how we can help you sell your manufacturing business.

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