When you are ready to sell your business, it is always wise to involve an experienced business broker Orange County. The purpose of this is to leverage on the expertise of the broker so that you don’t make mistakes that may keep you from ever closing. In addition to that, you have to familiarize yourself with key mistakes that can keep you from closing. In this post we will be taking a look at these mistakes.

Being unwilling to offer incentives

The first mistake you need to avoid is that of being unwilling to offer incentives. In most cases, offering incentives guarantees that you attract more buyers and close faster. One of the best incentive you can offer is seller financing. This is where you lend the buyer money needed to purchase your business. Business brokers Orange County will be able to help you get the best terms so that you not only attract the right buyer but also close at the best possible price. 

Asking too much or too little for the business

Asking too much or too little for your business will keep you from closing. When you ask for too much, you will end up scaring off potential buyers. If you ask too little, buyers will think twice about buying the business and if they end up buying it you will sell at a loss. Your Orange County business broker will perform a business valuation and market research to help set the most accurate selling price.

Not taking multiple offers

A common mistake most business owners make is that of overcommitting to one buyer. This is the worst mistake anyone can make. When you overcommit, you end up not taking other offers and overshare with the buyer. If the buyer you overcommitted to pulls out of the deal, you will have to start from square one. Being unwilling to take more bids also keeps you from selling at maximum profit.

Waiting too long to sell

While timing is everything when selling a business, waiting too long to sell will keep you from making the most of the deal. The best thing about working with business brokers Orange County is that they will know the best time to sell and enable you to close the deal faster.

There are so many more mistakes you have to avoid when selling a business. The most important thing is to work closely with a business broker and never be in too much hurry to close.

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