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How to Get a Business Ready for Sale

Commercial business sales Oceanside are getting more and more popular. This is because more people are opting for the purchase of existing businesses as opposed to setting up one. There is no better time to sell your business than now. However, if you want to get maximum profit, you must seek advice from the experts. So-Cal Business Brokers is committed to making the sale process as smooth as possible and helping you achieve maximum profit. When you come to us, here are the three basic things we do to get your business ready for sale.

Get your financial reports in shape
After contacting us and giving us the green light to work for you, the first thing we do is perform a business valuation. The purpose of this is to help us dig deeper into your business both to identify its strengths and weaknesses and also to view it from the buyer’s perspective. Buyers usually ask for at least three years of financial data. When listing your business for commercial business sales Oceanside, we will include at least three years of your profit and loss statement of the most recent period where returns have not been file, and tax returns. If your business is not doing too well, we can recommend that you hold back on the sale. Doing so will allow time for us to turn things around and increase the business value.

Get your banking data organized
This is the second thing we will help you do in commercial business sales Oceanside. The majority of banks today make it easy to download the monthly statements from their online banking portals. You should download banking data for the last three years. Alternatively, our team will help get the necessary statements from your bank. The banking data is needed for the due diligence stage. You also need the business credit card statements too. Our business broker in San Diego will advise you on the documents that you need and how to get them.

Explain what your business does
This is the toughest part of selling a business. Most small businesses do so many small things that seem inconsequential. We at So-Cal Business Brokers know that those small individual things make a huge difference. We will help you compile a list of all the things your business does right from unlocking the business doors every morning to paying bills to meeting with customers and so on. The idea is to create a clear image of your business. We also help you identify the things on your list that you can delegate or outsource. Doing so makes your business more attractive to buyers.

These three are the basic things we do when getting your business ready for sale. If you have a longer term sale plan, we will discuss fundamental changes that will be helpful in positioning your company to get maximum value. This includes creating employee manuals, documenting procedures, and restructuring the management.

At So-Cal Business Brokers we are always happy to hear from you. If you are getting your business ready to sell, we encourage you to contact us and schedule a free consultation. We will help you achieve more.

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