Free Business Valuation

Obtain a Free Business Valuation and No Upfront Fees.

In order to sell your business you need to know what it’s worth. You need to be able to find buyers. You also need to be able to obtain, and walk away with the best possible transaction you can get.  Some business brokers will charge you for an appraisal. We don’t believe you need to spend money needlessly to sell your business.  That’s why we include a free business valuation. Fill out our valuation form or call us today to review your business.
So-Cal Business Brokers is the go-to business brokerage firm in Orange County because we have:

  • Free Business Valuation
  • No Up-Front Fees
  • Closed Over 400 Transactions 
  • Over 90% + Success Rate
  • Experience Finding Buyers
  • Experience Selling Businesses
  • Clarity to Understand Your Objectives Before Finding You a Buyer
  • Open, Honest, and Realistic Feedback on your Objectives
  • Resources to Market and Find the Best Buyer for your Business
  • Vast Experience at Business Valuation

Whether you are planning on selling your business entirely or part of it, we can help you sell fast and at the best price. What is more is that you will enjoy the many benefits that come with working with a business broker. Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Expertise in marketing your business to the right candidates
  • Being able to guarantee the continuity of your business during and after sale
  • Keeping the transaction confidential from start to end.
  • Leveraging on superior experience in business valuation

So-Cal Business Brokers knows that most business owners have never sold a company before. We know that you likely lack the experience and the knowledge needed to sell on time and at the best price. You can rely on our vast knowledge of different markets to help present your business in the best light. We will ensure that your business is valued accurately and sold for maximum profit. Your employees, clients and suppliers will not learn of the sale until you want them to.

Regardless of the type of sale you are considering, we will help you get the best deal. Fill out the fields on the right to watch our important video and schedule a free consultation with our experienced business brokers in San Diego.

At So-Cal Business Brokers we have your best interest at heart.

What Clients Say:

More Than Anticipated

"Our transaction was involved as we had different corporate entities located in different states. Our only regret is that we didn’t retain your services before 2012 when we paid $25,000 to a firm in Texas that did a valuation and market analysis for us before then failing to do anything in the way of trying to sell our business. You got it sold for more than anticipated."

Thank You for Handling Our Business

"Our business was smaller than what your firm normally handles but it was a BIG part of our net worth and savings. Thank you for handling our business and we were very pleased and delighted with the results."

You Got the Valuation We Agreed On

"You did a great job on the sale of our business in really beating the bushes for buyers, including a UK company that was an active suitor. You managed to get the valuation that we had all agreed upon and got it substantially all in cash and got the transaction closed with little to no problems or expensive lawyers involved."

Over $250,000 More

"Our first contact with you shocked us when you suggested that we wait 18 months before selling because you believed that if we hit our projections that the value would be significantly greater. As it turned out we not only followed your advice but also got slightly over $250,000 more than we originally had hoped for. It is seldom that we have had the opportunity to deal with a firm that doesn’t want both money and a commitment NOW. It was clear and obvious that you had our best interests at heart."

We Couldn’t Be Happier

"When we thought about selling we had no idea what our business was worth or how to go about selling. What you were able to do was to cut through the fog so that we understood the valuation issue and had a comfort level with the process. As you know we ended up selling for somewhat more than the original valuation and we got all cash and our CPA loved the way our tax liability was minimized. We couldn’t be happier!"