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How We Match You with the Most Suitable Buyer

When you want to sell my business San Marcos, interviewing potential buyers is the most important step in understanding their goals, objectives and motivations. The right interview questions will help weed out jokers. Interviewing buyers requires a lot of experience and time. This is why you need to leave the work to us. At So-Cal Business Brokers we have the resources and manpower needed to screen buyers and only allow the right ones in.

Our discussion with buyers covers many important issues such as:

  • Buyer’s previous industry and career background
  • Buyers strengths and weaknesses
  • Types of industries and businesses that interest the buyer
  • The personal and financial goals of the buyer
  • Buyer’s expectations for cash flow, profits and revenue
  • Financial budget and timeframe of the buyer

When you want to sell my business San Marcos, the buyer interview is not just beneficial for the business broker but also to the buyer. Not every buyer will be suited for your business. With some of the buyers we meet, we can tell right away that your business will not be a good fit for them. When qualifying buyers there are several considerations we make.

Buyer’s financial capacity

One of the top questions our business brokers answer after the initial meeting is if the buyer is serious or just curious. We look at the financial statements and profile of a buyer to get insight into their ability to buy your business. Buyers who are reluctant to disclose their financial statements are incapable of financing the deal and we take this as a red flag. Any buyer who is serious to buy a business and has the financial means will be comfortable providing evidence of their financial capabilities.

Buyer’s business DNA

Having the finances to acquire a business is one thing but will the buyer be comfortable running the business? What can they bring to the table? These are questions our business brokers in San Diego ask when qualifying a buyer. Ideally, the right buyer will focus on a business in which he has some familiarity, capability to perform and experience. This is, however, not always the case and can be surpassed more so if it is a franchise. We also consider the fact that banks consider the background of both the buyer and business to see how the two connect prior to qualifying them for a loan.

Managing expectations

What type of management is a buyer looking for? We check what is important to a buyer (location, lifestyle, income or growth potential). We also look at the ownership role that the buyer wants. We will take a look at the buyer’s realistic expectations for cash flows and ROI. What do you feel about the existing management and employees?

When you want to sell my business San Marcos you want to make sure it ends up in the right hands. This is what So-Cal Business Brokers is here to guarantee. We ensure you make good deals with good people. Schedule a free consultation with us today to talk to one of our business brokers in San Diego.

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