Sell Distribution Business – Stages of Selling a Distribution Business

When it is time to sell distribution business, the best thing you can do is familiarize yourself with the steps involved in the sale. Our job at So-Cal Business Brokers is to make sure you never make weak decisions. We have been selling distribution businesses for more than two decades now and we know what needs to be done to achieve desired results. In this post we will be sharing information on the key steps involved in the sale of a distribution business.

Getting the business ready

Regardless of how attractive your distribution business is now; you cannot sell it as it is. You have to get it ready. The idea is to make it as attractive to potential buyers as possible. To achieve successful outcomes as you sell distribution business, here are crucial things we recommend you do:

  • Ensure your reason for selling is a great one
  • Value the business
  • Boost the value of your business prior to listing
  • Take early tax advice on things that may affect the deal later. This is more so if you wish to reduce the tax burden.
  • Identify potential buyers
  • Be ready for due diligence
  • Gather all necessary documents

Our team will help with most of the aforementioned steps and more. The best thing is that at So-Cal Business Brokers we only earn a success fee. This means you don’t pay us until we sell your business. We will not charge you for business valuation, packaging, marketing review and other services. Contact us now to learn more.

Initiate meetings with potential buyers

Once the business is ready for selling, you have to market it far and wide. Our business brokers will help with this as you sell distribution business. We will also help you gauge the interest of potential buyers to ensure they have the means and interest to acquire your business. We will also help with confidentiality management throughout the sale. It is also good to note that our team will also help structure the deal, help with negotiations and manage your expectations throughout the sale. We will also make you aware of your responsibilities throughout the sale.

Supervise due diligence

A buyer will not purchase your distribution business without first taking time to learn more about it. This is where the due diligence phase comes in. Our in-house team will see to it that due diligence runs smoothly and that the findings don’t end up scaring off a potential buyer.

Selling distribution businesses is what we do best and we have been doing it for more than two decades. Contact us now to take advantage of our free consultation. We are always happy to hear from you and offer the assistance you need.

Sell Distribution Business