Sell Distribution Business – What Makes a Distribution Business worth More?

When it is time to sell distribution business it is imperative that you know what makes your type of business more attractive to buyers. You obviously want to sell at maximum profit and you cannot do that without making your business more valuable. At So-Cal Business Brokers we have been in the business of selling distribution businesses for more than 20 years now. We know what buyers search for and what makes a distribution business more lucrative. Give us a call and let us help you sell fast and for maximum profit.

To get ready for the sale, you should start by developing partnerships, diversifying your delivery areas according to demand, and keep your technology up-to-date. In our experience, there are a couple more things business buyers look for in a distribution business. As you get ready to sell distribution business here are the main things you should focus on.

Predictable key drivers of new sales

Buyers don’t want to invest in a business that is unpredictable. They want to make an investment that guarantees maximum return on their investment. This is why when getting ready to sell you need to develop predictable key drivers of new sales. Buyers want to see a stable or growing traffic from a wide range of sources.

Our team can help identify new opportunities for your business. We do so by performing a business valuation which enables us to pinpoint your business’ strengths and weaknesses. Our valuation report will also include details on lucrative opportunities you can use. The best thing about working with So-Cal Business Brokers is that we don’t charge you for business valuation or market review.

Established suppliers of inventory

The last thing any business owner wants is for the business to stagnate or fail because they can’t find reliable suppliers. As you get ready to sell distribution business it is imperative that you establish reliable suppliers of inventory. You must also have backup suppliers in place. This will make your business more valuable to buyers.

High percentage of repeat business

Repeat sales are what make a business more successful. It shows buyers your business has a good reputation. As a result they will be more inclined to acquire it. You can use the high percentage of repeat business to command a higher price for your business.

Other important things that make your business more valuable to buyers include:

  • Clean legal history
  • Brand with trademark and copyright
  • Documented systems and processes
  • High growth potential

Our team at So-Cal Business Brokers knows how to lure the right buyers in and win their trust. We focus in the sale of distribution businesses valued between $500,000 and $10 million. Contact us today and leverage on our expertise as you sell distribution business.

Sell Distribution Business