Sell Distribution Business – Your Three Options When Selling a Distribution Business

When you make up your mind to sell distribution business, you will have to weigh three very important options; go with a partial or full sale, only sell the assets and whether to get immediate or phased payments. Making your choice here can be very difficult. That is why one of our key duties at So-Cal Business Brokers is to help you understand your options and also ensure you make the most informed choice.

In our experience selling distribution businesses for more than two decades, we have come to learn that your options will depend on the kind of buyer you are after, type of your business, sector and its size. Size wise, at So-Cal Business Brokers we focus on the sale of businesses valued between $500,000 and $10 million. If you fall in this bracket or are not sure, please contact us to find out if we can help sell distribution business and how we will go about it. Away from that, let’s discuss the three options you have when selling your business.

Full or partial sale

When selling your business you will have to decide whether to sell the entire business or part of it. Your choice will be influenced mostly by what you want to achieve at the end of the day. Most buyers choose partial sales when they want to maintain partial ownership of their business. Doing so usually gives the business continuity and instills more confidence in a buyer. A full sale is considered when business owners want to move on to something new.

Sale of assets

This is yet another common option business owners go with. If the goal is to raise money, selling some of your business’ assets can be enough. In this case, our job as you sell distribution business is to find you buyers who might be interested in the assets you are selling. Often times we turn to your competition. An asset sale may also be considered when a buyer is only interested in your assets and nothing else. In this case we will give you legal and tax advice as you decide on a deal structure.

Phased or immediate payment

How you get paid matters. You can ask for a buyer to pay the full amount when the sale is completed or accept installments. Most buyers prefer installments. Our job as your broker is to ensure you have the best terms. We will also ensure that the buyer can pay the installments without any issue.

The three are the main decisions you will have to make as you get ready to sell distribution business. Our team is always happy to help with the sale. We genuinely want to help you sell fast, to the right buyer and for the best possible price. Contact us now to take advantage of our free consultation.

Sell Distribution Business