When you are ready to sell my business Manzanita, you must first understand that it is never an easy process. It is pretty hard to sell a business for a great price, within a reasonable timeframe and in the current economic environment. Most of the challenges experienced can be avoided with a little information upfront about the pitfalls of selling a business. There are, however, some mistakes that can keep you from ever closing. They include the following.

Unwillingness to leverage professionals

Being an expert at running your company does not necessarily mean you have what it takes to sell it. Most sellers who choose to sell on their own end up getting stuck. This is because there are so many things to juggle from gathering the necessary documents and maintaining confidentiality to marketing the business, prequalifying buyers and negotiating. All this has to be done while still focusing on your business.

To avoid mistakes when selling a business, you need to leverage the expertise of a business broker in San Diego. The broker will help you sell my business Manzanita faster because he has handled numerous sales before and has an expansive network that enables him to find the right buyer and close fast and at the best price.


There is nothing wrong with being confident that your business will sell at a great price. Being overconfident, on the other hand, will cause you to have unrealistic expectations that end up ruining the deal. For example, if you believe your business is worth more than what your valuation expert says, you will set the wrong price and buyers will avoid you. The case is the same if you believe your business is in a perfect condition and fail to get it ready for the sale.

One of the duties of a business broker is to manage your expectations. Your broker will be happy to let you know on average how long it will take to sell your business and what potential buyers will be comfortable offering.

Failing to prequalify buyers

The most important point to remember when selling your business is not every buyer that comes knocking is interested in buying your business. Some just want to snoop around while others don’t have the financial muscle to buy your business. If you fail to prequalify buyers, you will end up wasting a lot of time on buyers who will never commit.

The right buyer should first sign an NDA and agree to a background check. They should be able to demonstrate to you how they will finance the purchase and how they plan on running your business. Your business broker will help with buyer prequalification.

These are the three main reasons why some businesses fail to sell. As you get ready to sell my business Manzanita you have to do everything in your power to avoid making any of these mistakes. You must also heed to the advice of your business broker.

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