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Why Successful Businesses Sell Fast

When you want to sell my business Solana Beach, timing is everything. Every business owner knows that selling when the business is doing great will help sell fast and at the best price. One of our jobs at So-Cal Business Brokers is helping you determine if now is the best time to sell or you should hold off the sale. Our team will also help you make changes to your business in order to maximize profit. But why would you want to sell a successful business?

Reason for selling

In our experience, business owners sell for all manner of reasons. Some explore the strategic and capital raising alternatives while others are forced to sell. The majority of business owners sell to accommodate varying objectives. When you want to sell my business Solana Beach, our business brokers will help you determine if you are selling for the right reasons or not. We help you find a structure that best meets your objectives.

Why owners sell

One of the top reasons why owners choose to sell a successful business is because they are tired of running their business. Over time, running the business may get bored. This mostly happens when the business has exceeded the owner’s skills. The owner can go for a full or a partial exit. If you want to liquidate 100% of your equity, we have come to realize that acquiring investors often offer a lower acquisition price. This is due to the anticipated difficulties of running the business after the transfer of ownership.

When selling a successful business, some owners opt for recapitalization. This is where the owner retains minority equity stake in the business. This is typically about 10 to 40 percent. In this case, the exiting owner will still have incentive to help increase the value of the business. What is more is that the equity of the exiting owner will increase as the performance of the business improves.

The acquisition side

On the buyer’s side, we have come to learn that buyers engage the owner of a successful business first to assess it and complete the acquisition. Well run mid-market companies are acquired within 3 to 6 months if both parties are genuine.

Unlike selling a troubled business, selling a successful one is much easier and you will get maximum profit. We highly recommend that you sell my business Solana Beach when it is at its best. Our in-house team will help create a sound exit strategy and help you sell at the right time and to the right buyer.

Do you need more information on selling a successful business? We encourage you to schedule a free consultation with us to speak with one of our experienced business brokers in San Diego.

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