Tips for Choosing a Manufacturing Business Broker

Hiring a manufacturing business broker is the best thing you can do when getting ready to sell your manufacturing business. The broker will take over the sale so that you can focus on the core operations of your business throughout the sale. At So-Cal Business Brokers we have brought together the most experienced team of business brokers to help with the sale of your business. Our team is able to help you sell fast, to the right buyer and at the best rate. Whether you plan on using us or another brokerage firm, here are the top things we recommend you consider before hiring a business broker.


The mistake most people make when hiring a manufacturing business broker is that of choosing a broker solely for the years of experience he has. While this is good you need to find a broker who has sold businesses in the manufacturing sector. At So-Cal Business Brokers we have a proven track record when it comes to the sale of manufacturing businesses. We have sold many businesses and we know what needs to be done to achieve the best results.

Avoid generalists

The idea when hiring a broker is to avoid the generalists. These are professionals who specialize in everything. For example you will find real estate agents who double as business brokers. Such professionals will not have what it takes to sell your business for maximum profit and fast. You need a broker who works full time selling your type of business; this is what you will find with us.

Size matters

The size of a business brokerage firm matters. If your business is a multimillion dollar one, you need a bigger brokerage firm that has handled such big deals. Our team is large enough to sell businesses of virtually all sizes. We have an in-house team of business brokers, transaction attorneys, accountants and financial advisors to help with the sale. Our expert team is able to manage the sale process in a way that leads to amazing results.

Avoid overcommitting

A terrible mistake most business owners make is that of overcommitting. Regardless of how competent a manufacturing business broker seems to be you must never overcommit. It takes an average of 9 months to a year to sell a business. Avoid signing contracts that lock you in with a broker for more than a year. You also need to read the terms of service keenly. Try and negotiate a 90 day contract in order to gauge the service of a broker before committing fully.

At So-Cal Business Brokers we give you the freedom you need and offer comprehensive services to help you sell fast and for the best price. Make use of our free, no-obligation consultation with our experienced business brokers today. Let us discuss how we can help you sell your manufacturing business.

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