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Steps for Selling a Business Quickly and for the Right Price

Hiring a business broker Westminster to sell your business is without any doubt the best decision you will ever make. Our business brokers at So-Cal Business Brokers have been selling businesses for more than two decades now. We know what needs to be done and when in order to speed up the sale and sell for maximum profit. We are the team you need in your corner to close fast. Here are some of the steps we use to speed up the sale.

Ensure your accounting records are in order

Buyers will always want to look at your financial records to determine if your business is worth buying or not. Our job as your business brokers Westminster is to ensure all the records are ready, organized and presented in a way that wins the confidence of buyers. We will create a set of accounting records which include these key components:

  • Accurate and up-to-date records that comply with accounting standards
  • Your annual business planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Cash flow forecasting and management
  • Industry benchmarks and analysis

Document business operations

How you operate your business is the biggest value in your business. With smart decisions on routine tasks like production, fulfillment and billing you will be able to create a valuable business that outperforms your competitors. Our main duty here is to show potential buyers that your business can run profitably in your absence. We do this by taking you, the owner, out of the equation and documenting all your processes and systems. Key items buyers will have to review include:

  • Procedures manual
  • Organization chart
  • Documented automated processes
  • Current supplier and customer contracts
  • Employment agreements

Marketing plan

We know how buyers think as well as where and how to find them. This helps us come up with foolproof marketing plans that helps find the right buyers. Our marketing plan also includes how to prescreen buyers and maintain confidentiality. Our business broker Westminster guarantees you never deal with jokers when selling your business.

Plan for due diligence

It is easy to lose a serious buyer in the due diligence phase. Our job is to ensure your business doesn’t have skeletons that end up scaring off potential buyers. We ensure your business has complete and organized set of records before the due diligence starts. We then present these records in a way that wins buyers over.

At So-Cal Business Brokers we are a team that will help with everything from getting the business ready to helping with collaboration for successful transition. Contact us now to take advantage of our free consultation with our experienced business brokers in Orange County.

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