business broker San DiegoAfter hiring a business broker San Diego, one of the first phrases you may hear him use is ‘advertising campaign’. The advertising campaign is the first point of contact that prospective buyers have with the business. This is the ad that is put out by a business broker to draw buyers in. There are a number of things you need to understand about the advertising campaign.

It is vague

The first thing you need to understand is that the advertising campaign is sufficiently vague. This is done to protect the privacy of the sale. The last thing you want during the sale of a business is for word to get out that the business is being sold. If employees, customers, suppliers, and lenders learn about the sale they might leave. Leaving will cause your business’ value to decline. Business brokers San Diego are charged with maintaining confidentiality. This is why the advertising campaigns are vague. The ads don’t even include the name of the business that is being sold. The photos used in the ad are simply stock images and a few vague lines about the business. Potential buyers will only learn more about the business that is being sold after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

It has to be enticing

Vague adverts means that people viewing the ads don’t have a lot to go with. It is very easy for them to move on without giving the ad a second thought. Business brokers understand this fact and that is why they make the advertising campaigns as attractive as possible. The adverts are designed to draw attention while at the same time provide enough information about the business without disclosing its identity. A good advertising campaign will not only entice real potential buyers but also weed out the time wasters/ tire-kickers.

It should compel buyers to contact you

The advertising campaign must be able to compel buyers to contact you. When they do, they will contact your business broker San Diego. Prospective buyers will send enquiry to the business broker and receive the information sheet or information memorandum after signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Any business that is being sold should have an advertising campaign made. It is good to note that the advertising campaign can also be in the form of a video. This is referred to as a promotional video. Prior to choosing a business brokerage firm for your business sale needs, it is good to take time to learn more about the type of advertising campaigns they use as well as how they manage confidentiality. You should also not forget to read their contract keenly before hiring them.

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