Selling your distribution business is one of the most significant decisions you will ever make. With the wrong approach, you risk selling at a loss or failing to sell at all. Getting guidance from the right expert is thus the best decision you can make. A business broker for distributors Orange County is the most professional you should hire. Here are the top reasons why you need their input.

Assist with business valuation

When selling your business, the first thing you must do is know the real value of your business. You cannot simply look around and estimate the value. A business broker for distributors Orange County will perform a thorough business valuation. This helps determine the fair market value of your business. After that, the broker will consider several factors and do further calculations to determine the best selling price. Needless to say, these calculations are quite complex. The right skills and experience are needed to get the right figures. Your business broker in Orange County will set a price that not only lures more buyers in but also helps you sell for maximum profit.

Coordinate other experts involved in the sale

There are numerous steps involved in the sale of a distribution business. That is why you will need the input of more professionals; not just a business broker. You will require the expertise of a transaction attorney, accountant, estate planner and at times the input of a realtor. When working with a business broker, he will coordinate all these professionals and ensure everything is moving in the right direction. As a matter of fact, with some brokerage firms, you don’t need to hire these professionals yourself. The broker will have them in-house or hire them on your behalf. This helps you focus on the core operations of your distribution business as the broker tackles the sale.

Proactively identify the right buyer

Once your business is listed, you will get countless calls from people claiming to be serious buyers. Some will simply want to snoop around while others will not have the financial muscle to purchase your business. It is the job of a business broker to prescreen potential buyers to ensure they have the financial means to buy your business and that they are a good fit for your distribution business. The broker will also require buyers to sign NDAs before any information about your business is disclosed to them.

Negotiate on your behalf

The biggest role played by a business broker is that of helping with the negotiations. The business broker for distributors in Orange County has sold many businesses. They are in a better position to help you get the best deal. The broker will further manage your expectation and help you know when the best deal is on the table.

Business Broker for Distributors Orange County