Why You Should Use Our Brokers to Sell Your Distribution Business

It is a big deal to sell distribution business. For most people this is the biggest decision they will ever make in their lifetime. Due to the significant financial and emotional ramifications involved, at So-Cal Business Brokers we are fully committed to offering you the support you need to smooth the process and sell for maximum profit. There are several reasons why you should consider our team when selling your distribution business. Here are the main reasons.

Full service

You will be surprised by the sheer number of professionals who double as business brokers. Real estate agents, for example, believe they can sell businesses too and so they have flooded the market. The problem is selling a business is not the same as selling a house or any other product. It takes a certain level of experience and knowledge to sell distribution business for maximum profit. This is the experience we at So-Cal Business Brokers bring to the table.

We know how hectic it is to sell a business and that is why we offer a full service so that you can leave the sale to us as you focus on the core operations of your business. We may utilize experienced business brokers, transaction attorneys, financial advisors and accountants. Once you hire us you never have to juggle professionals from other first to complete your project. We take care of everything from start until the very end.


If your employees, suppliers, customers or lenders learn that you are selling your distribution company they might leave. Their departure will cause the value of your business to go down. At So-Cal Business Brokers we rely on tested strategies to ensure word about the sale never gets out. We will use effective teaser adverts to promote your business nationwide so that you can attract the right buyers. Second, we will prescreen potential buyers and require them to sign an NDA before disclosing more information about your business. With us you can be guaranteed of the sale remaining a secret all through.

Negotiation experience

The hardest stage when you want to sell distribution business is the negotiation stage. Having developed your business from the ground up it is easy for emotions to cloud your decision. Our team is professional and experienced in conducting smooth negotiations. We provide continuing education in many specialized areas so that our business brokers are up-to-date on the latest trends affecting the distribution industry.

The above are not the only benefits you stand to gain when working with So-Cal Business Brokers. Give us a call now to learn more on what we will be bringing to the table when selling your distribution business.

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