Any business owner can put their business on the market but selling it is a whole different story. Enlisting the help of a business broker San Diego Country Estates will increase chances of selling fast and for the best price. You will also need to motivate potential buyers to close the deal by offering them incentives. Here are some of the best incentives you can use to motivate buyers to move forward.

Offer financing options

The main reason some businesses remain on the market for long is because buyers don’t have the funds to pay all-cash. Other times, financing institutions never give them the full amount they need to buy a business. That is why offering financing options will motivate buyers to move forward with the sale and close the deal even faster. Your business broker San Diego Country Estates will tell you that sellers who finance a portion of the sale receive a sale price that is much closer to their asking price. Being able to offer other financing options like having your business pre-qualified by an SBA lender will improve your negotiating position as you sell your business.

Create a bidding war

To be able to sell for the best price, you need to have more than one buyer expressing interest in your business. This will only be possible if you market your business far and wide. A business broker in San Diego will be able to help with that. The idea is to maximize the attention that your business gets in the market.

Listing the sale online is one of the best methods you can use to maximize exposure. This is great because most buyers conduct searches for businesses online. Working with a reputable business broker will also help. For starters, a broker will have an established platform that interested business buyers frequent. Second, the buyer will have a database of buyers as well as a wide network that helps find interested buyers easily.

Agree to stay on

Another amazing thing you can do to speed up the sale is agreeing to stay on as a consultant after the sale. This will show buyers that you have trust in your business and that you will be around to guide them as they take over. It is, however, good to work on favorable terms regarding how long you will stay on after the sale.

These are great incentives that will motivate potential buyers to consider your business. In everything that you do, never ignore the input of a business broker San Diego Country Estates. He has more experience than you when it comes to the sale of businesses.

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