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Ways to Help Your Business Sell Fast

If you want to sell my business Santa Ana, it is obvious you want to sell it as fast as possible. According to a study by BizBuySell, 51% of business owners expect to sell within 5 months. As much as this is possible, the average time to sell a business is 6 to 10 months. How fast you sell depends on your team, type of business and how you have structured the sale. At So-Cal Business Brokers we have sold businesses of all sizes and in virtually all industries. We know what needs to be done to close fast and to sell for the right price. In our experience, here are the key things you need to do in order to sell fast.  

Hire a reliable team

The first step is the most obvious one; you need a reliable team to guide you through the sale. Guesswork will easily lead to problems. If you are ready to sell my business Santa Ana we advise that you bring a business broker onboard before listing the business. Our business brokers have sold many businesses and we know what buyers are looking for in your type of business. Our input will help sell fast, to the right buyer and for maximum profit. It is also good to note that our team is also made up of transaction attorneys, accountants and financial advisors. You get all the services you need under one roof.

Set an accurate price

One mistake that will keep your business from selling is setting an inaccurate price. Buyers will always perform their own independent business valuation. If their figures don’t match yours you will lose their trust and they might simply walk away. Our business brokers in Orange County will perform a business valuation to determine the fair market value of your business. We will then consider the current market climate to determine the best selling price for your business.

Offer seller financing

Offering seller financing is the best thing you can do to sell fast. When you offer seller financing you make it easy for buyers to secure the finances needed to acquire your business. You also radiate the message that you have trust in the success of your business. Our job at So-Cal Business Brokers is simply to help you set the best terms and negotiate the best deal on your behalf.

Gather and clean up your records

Getting your records in order will facilitate due diligence thus making it easier for you to sell. Our team will help gather the necessary documents, clean the ones we can and present them in a way that wins the trust of buyers. Give us a call to learn more.

Document processes and systems

Documenting your business processes and systems make it easier for the new owner to take over. Buyers are more compelled to buy businesses with well document processes and systems.

Train a management team

Last but not least we will ensure you have the right team to run the business. We will train a management team to take over your responsibilities before listing your business.

We want to help you sell fast, for the right price and to the right buyers. Contact us now and take advantage of our free, no-obligation consultation with our experienced team of business brokers in Orange County.

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